About Us

The PTO Gaming is an group of enthusiasts players who decided to go as organization of great national reputation. It all began in middle of 2007. when our founder Paul Pires (codename paul0p) got an idea of creating gaming organization which will be different from others in terms of professional ethics which will assume differently from other groups with having their own way of thinking and acting. Gradually the PTO Gaming became more then just ordinarily organization.

At the beginning we started as gaming community where we were just investing in Counter-Strike source with lots of built servers to the preferences of each. Over time, we were investing in other sections of electronic sports, specifically PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), FIFA, Need For Speed and Gran Turismo serials. After some time we expanded our range of games and started to train in nearly every genre such as RPGs, both Japanese and European style in games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft and so. We also started to play console games and connected few of those into a network and played together in LAN style. After some months we had at least one professional player in every genre of gaming industry so when our training had done we decided to go to some gaming competition where we can win money which we always invested in our group to purchase new games, equipment and to expand our gaming knowledge in overall.

Our Projects

Our programming experience showed results in creating the first working
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We feel proud for our team who helped built this very useful gaming application which will help many gamers all around the world to play PS4 games on their PC or mobile phones.

PTO Gaming We put a lot of trust in this section, and in the meantime we were becoming better and better known as an organization, since we have reached the top 1 place with 'Facalhão', our player for who we thank all the input and commitment. He decided to open a section of Counter Strike 1.6 and since then, he became part of the best teams among the top 5 Portuguese and even later he had more National recognition in this same section.

In 2012 our recent leader in stated year Paul 'paul0p', decided to leave the organization for personal reasons, leaving the leadership to the ones he trusted more, to James Patricio "Kausen" and Fabio Vieira "NOAKY".
These same new directors together with the new entry of Emanuel Pereira "IMAA" for the administration of the organization never ceased to follow the same objectives and the same way of their previous admin and founder so we can openly say the main meaning and goals of our organization stay same. We are continuing to train and play hard to be the best within other groups and keep our legacy alive.

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