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We are more then excited to share with you our main project of this year - PS4Emus. This is an emulator software for PS4 games and makes them able to run on other platforms except PlayStation 4 console only.
This includes Windows, Mac and even smartphones with iOS or Android systems installed.

However the PTO Gaming team is not the only group who helped making PS4Emus reality. We helped in some area to develop the emulator working. The main idea is still credited to its first founder who can be found at its main website where the app is able to download.

Making it possible to run almost all of the top PS4 titles smoothly on every operating system is so proud feel when you achieve your project make such success. This opened a new level of our developing stages for the future and we already have some our own new ideas for more cool gaming tools and applications.


Visit PS4Emus website to download the emulator.

Installation Manual:

Installing this emulator is not so different comparing it to any other program of this kind. After downloading, extract the executable Setup file to your desktop or preferred folder, then double click to run it. Follow the step by step guide to finish the process. Somewhere in the middle you'll be able to notice there are some sponsored offers you can either accept or decline (Choice is yours). If you accept them, sometimes you'll be able to see small ads located in corners of PS4Emus's windows displayed. These ads keeps the PS4 Emulation and the project running. So it's recommended to check the "Yes" box because running the server and database cost the developers their own money since the software is free for players. Keeping the ads alive you help the whole team making the emulator alive.


If this is your first time stumbling across an emulator software in general, the links below will help you understand how everything works.

Read this guide to learn what is an emulator and its main functions.
To download emulators for other consoles, visit



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